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2.94 A Matrimonial Ad Template In Line With The Human Rights Charter And Political Correctness

It just occurred to me that currently each matrimonial ad is about one individual seeking ONLY one gender to marry to ,such as “a man looking for a woman for marriage” or “ a woman looking for a female partner”, … Continue reading

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2.93 符合人权宪章+政治正确的征婚模版

今天突然悟道,现在的每个征婚启事都是只找一种性别,比如男找女,女找男,男找男、女找女等等,不inclusive、不diversive,赤裸裸的歧视其他性别,严重践踏人权宪章,不及时改正,会受到西方包括加拿大人权法庭的严厉制裁。 所以,我就赶紧写了下面这个征婚模版,符合人权宪章还政治正确,作为所有加拿大单身求偶的指南。 本人男(或者女或者其他),40,居多伦多,喜爱大自然,反对输油管,崇尚inclusive、diversive,巴拉巴拉….,找人结婚,男女不限,lesbian、gay、trans等非男非女优先,巴拉巴拉….。

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